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Looking to grow your local business?
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The Communifi toolkit is a powerful platform that combines:


Smart tools

Content creation
Our team writes professional content
for your business, twice a month

Content publishing
Your content is published within minutes, reaching customers via social media, email & online publishers

Website development
Professional website designs that are easily viewable on mobile, tablet
& desktop devices

Social media
Create and manage your social media pages & get review notifications

Business Listing Management
Updates & publishes business info
on all major search engines, maps, directories, apps & more

Social reputation management
Builds social media program, monitors online conversations & responds to activity on behalf of your business

Email marketing
We create & build email lists targeting a wide reaching network of customers

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
See & be seen. Get relevant
placement on organic search
engine result pages

Account coordinator
A dedicated coordinator works with your business to create strategy & execute customer objectives


Digital Marketing smart tools.

Reach your customers online with one click.

Always on

No more servers
Check your register & open checks,
synced in real time

Track inventory & staff
Manage intuitively & in detail

24/7 customer care
Check in with us via phone,
online chat or email

Check remotely
See how your business is doing
from your smartphone app

Total security
Benefit from our secure system
with EMV capabilities

Fully customizable
Make your own register, using
colored buttons & modifiers.


Point of Sale, powered by ShopKeep.

Manage your business, anytime, anywhere.

Digital Marketing
& Point of Sale insights

Complete transparency

Finally, you can now tie campaign performance to actual sales!

Never miss a detail
Track marketing & sales performance, from your desk or on the go

Know what's trending
Daily comparisons, top-selling items, best customers, popular content & more

Make smarter business decisions
Learn how to convert prospects
into customers


Stay tuned.

The next generation of
Communifi goes mobile!

The Communifi mobile app will provide connectivity
to local communities. Consumers & businesses alike will communicate & share information via text messages.


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